Wednesday, 23 May 2012


From the time I first heard of blogging I have wondered if I would ever have my own blog but without making any effort or indeed really having a valid reason to start one, until now.

I studiously avoided any connection with social networking sites until just a few months ago but once I started a Facebook page I found it irresistible to record my views, thoughts and opinions as status updates on that page. I found this practice both rewarding and liberating, internally.  I finally had an outlet for my unresolved need to self-express.  Of course Facebook, the world of one-line messages, is not the best place to vent ones inner person but, having very few 'friends', it didn't really matter who, if anybody, read or took any notice of my musings.  That may well also be the case here, and again it doesn't really matter, but the possibilities of reaching a wider audience, I find quite intriguing.

Why 'Meanderings'?  Well, I have done nothing in my entire 67 years of life, so far, that could be considered to have been connected to straight line work, traversing from point A to point B, at least in any more than a very loose and entirely coincidental way.  Even, or perhaps especially, my brain doesn't seem to work that way.  I find it impossible to think directly from problem to solution without diverging through every conceivable possibility of alternative routes or paths along the way; a situation which I have often found to leave me wordless, staring blankly, open mouthed and looking stupid, when all that was required was a fairly simple answer.  Not the greatest conversationalist, me.  But put me in front of a keyboard, alone, or in a place where I can shut out the noise of the world around me, and the words simply flow from my two fore-fingers.  Yes, even after 30+ years of computer programming and authoring of technical manuals I still type two-fingered.  It will ever be the same.  I don't have a brain that can co-ordinate more than two things at the same time.  I have never excelled at playing musical instruments, dancing, sport or any other spatially oriented activity that necessitates a degree of physical co-ordination, for the same reason.

So, I plan to record the contents of my wandering, meandering mind here from time to time.  I just hope it doesn't become a fetish or addiction but drawing on my past records of not sticking with anything for long, at least anything not immediately connected with basic survival needs, I don't think that will be a problem.

That will do for now.  It is after midnight and I will be taking it easy tomorrow (today) so I want to be up bright and early to have a really long rest day.

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