Tuesday, 31 July 2012

How Time Flies

It is the 31st July and I haven't blogged this month yet.  Well, I haven't blogged here.  I did open another blog site here which has seen some action this month but I do feel a certain responsibility (not sure why, because no-one else seems to read my thoughts, and perhaps that is a good thing in itself) to say something on Meanderings also.

I have to say that time does seem to fly these days.  Is there any truth in the speculation that this is some sort of actual cosmic phenomenon?  Or is it perhaps a function of the ageing process?  It is certainly not associated with having too much to do in an allotted time, although there never does seem to be enough hours in the day.  Perhaps this is why I have sub-consciously (ie. without any valid reason) taken to staying up later and later recently.  This practice of course consequently shortens the day by making it start at a later time, so defeating the objective and making it pointless.  As long as I understand that this is happening, it is OK.  I expect I shall adjust my habits, probably also sub-consciously, when I feel the need.  As a mostly self-regulating creature, I usually do.

Bye-bye July.

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