Sunday, 2 June 2013

I Need To Think About My Future (Part 3)

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Is this where I want to go?

Looking back, I see that I have already strayed somewhat from what my original intentions were for this series of posts but that is precisely why I named this blogspot 'Meanderings'. Because that is what I tend to do.  Hopefully my writings will circuitously return to where I want to be.  Restating my intention, to assist that process, will I hope provide a guide and direction. 

I see ahead a whole range of probable futures.  I see my present state and readiness/ unreadiness to face those situations.  I am looking for paths to progress from my current state to successfully meet whatever the future may bring.  

How do I define success?  Well, by survival, managing to keep body and soul together in working order, in the short term.  In the medium term by being able to live in a state of harmless wellbeing, harmoniously prospering (not in terms of wealth or power but in sufficiency in all necessary things) and integrating peacefully with other people and the natural world and perhaps, though not necessarily (I would be happy to achieve even the medium term goal) leading in the long term to some form of Shangri-La or possibly even a Shambala.  Though not associated with any particular faith other than an awe and reverance for nature. 

I suspect some of the above may attract criticism but we all have our own personal dreams and I am entitled to mine.

Why am I doing this publicly on a blog?  A thought came to me this morning and at the risk of being thought a pompous fool (if that is not already the case), I will relate my journey to that of Everyman, that non-gender specific person with whom we can all identify.  Ridiculous thought really since I have already admitted that I think of myself as being different to most people. But then, we all probably do that to some extent. 

However on a more generic level, the sort of things that I have, and will continue to  talk about, are the very things that I believe 'Everyman' will need to take into account in their own journey into the future.  With that in mind I will press ahead.


Before continuing, I want to mention some news I heard this morning.

Firstly it appears that all children born from this year, 2013, will be known as Generation Alpha.  They are expected to be smarter, richer and healthier than previous generations and there are so far, 300,000 of them in Australia alone, surpassing even the baby boom of 1947.  Who decides how to name these things?  And what happened to Gen-Z?  Or did that sound too final and apocalyptic?  Who says these children are going to be superior to all others in many ways? What evidence do they have to say those things?  The recent evidence would indicate that future generations are more likely to be dummed down, subject to more and worse diseases, and have to scramble for a smaller and smaller share of the ever shrinking wealth pie.  I have on several occasions urged young women to carefully consider not bearing children at this time because of the dangers they will face.  It seems the world's womenfolk are not listening. Over population is already one of the highest rated problems that we face as a species. Sad, sad, sad.  But makes my work all the more urgent.

Secondly, I watched on the TV news, demonstrations and riots in four major cities in as many different countries this morning.  If this is not indicative of a society in collapse then I do not know what is.  These are almost daily occurrences that I believe are set to worsen as time progresses.  A society turning on itself is not a society that is likely to grow and as soon as growth stops or falters, the whole crumbling edifice of corruption and greed will fall.  This is not the society that I was born into.  It would be quite unrecogniseable to my mother if she were in a state where she could take an active interest in such things.  There is no doubt in my mind that we are on the edge of a period of revolution, anarchy and mayhem the like of which has never been seen before and the western nations, despite their military strength and growing police state tactics, being in a largely already bankrupt state, will be powerless to stop it from tearing our cosy world apart. I can only hope that once the floodgates open, it will be quickly over.  Otherwise there will be very few of us left to pick up the pieces and start again.

These things are timely reminders to me as to why I am doing this blog and taking the actions that I do.

I think I will leave it there for today and start from where I said I would in the previous post in the next one.


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