Tuesday, 31 May 2016

♫♪ Memories are made of this ♪♫

It has been a long while since I posted anything here.  Sometimes it is good to look back, and today I was reminded by Facebook about a post I made exactly three years ago here.  It was specifically this Meanderings post: I Need To Think About My Future.

Having read and reflected on what I said back then, I re-shared the post on Facebook today with these extra thoughts:
A memory from three years ago.  Strange to think, nothing much has changed.

My thinking has not changed.  My situation has not changed, much.  Only my location has changed.  Mostly for the better.  It has been two years since I moved home, and it has taken that long to get a garden started from scratch.  It is now operating productively, thank goodness, but still with a long way of development to go.

Oh, and I shouldn't forget, the world has also changed, and even though that change has been a continuation along the slope of decline that I observed some years ago we are now in a much more dangerous and climactic phase of civilisational collapse as we slide ever nearer to the bottom than we were even three years ago. 

There is not a lot to be joyful about, knowing that we may never again reach the heights of industry and technology that we have experienced in the last decades.  Or maybe that in itself is something to be joyful about.  But I guess that is something that only those who can remember earlier, different, times, would have the ability to appreciate or even recognise.  Those who have arrived on the scene in recent years are going to have a very hard time adjusting to the new low-technology world once everything 'hi-tech' stops working.    

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