Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Door Is Closing...

Just a quick diary note to record an important event.

After being placed on the housing market just about a year ago, the house I have lived in for almost three years has sold recently and I was notified a couple of days ago that I have to vacate within the next 60 days.  Whilst I was hoping otherwise, I was kind of expecting this even though the new owner said he was an investor.  C'est la vie.

It was not long after I moved here that I started blogging, so there are photographs of my time here scattered thoughout this site.

I was standing out on the rear deck this afternoon watching the wildlife that I have become accustomed to seeing in this hidden haven of rural tranquility. 

A Currawong was bathing in the water dish that I have placed for the birds to drink from over the hot days.  It is normally the sole property of Magpies but today there were also green parrots around, ground feeding.  Among them appeared one of the 'ginger bunnies' for which this gully is known.  She is a female.  The males are the normal greyish colour.

I was thinking that I would not for much longer be able to stand and look at the hillsides towering above on either side or see the fruition of the gardens that I have created here.  I have enjoyed my time here and I know that I will miss it. 

However, I also know that nothing is forever and everything that happens is for the best.  Time for a new adventure.  Maybe I will find somewhere where the Kangaroos don't eat all the leaves from my fruit trees.

I often look back over my life of 69 years (in a couple of weeks) and realise that I have never needed to worry or struggle to find the paths that I have taken.  I always trust that whatever it is that guides our lives will open the way to the next stage.  I am not suggesting that this guidance is from anything outside of our 'self' (if we can only open up and marvel at the wonder of that).  I always try to 'feel' for that opening and together with a modicum of research, follow my feelings.  

Yes, we can 'struggle and fight to make our way in life', to 'get somewhere', to 'reach a goal', to 'take control' of the situation.  It is very tempting to do that.  But that is the hard way to do things and we may lead ourselves down paths from which it is very difficult to return to the one we were meant to take and we may never actually achieve that in the space of one lifetime.

But it all works out for good in the end. 


  1. Hi Bernie. As one door closes others open. As they did for me when I left Queensland and moved to Tasmania in 2005. Onward and upward!

    1. Thanks Darryl. Strange coincidence that you mention moving to Tasmania because that is something that I have thought about and mentioned in various places, perhaps even somewhere in this blog.

      I still consider it an option and recognise that it may become a necessity at some future point as the mainland continues to turn into an unsettled and unpredictable climate wasteland.

      If it were not for familial ties, I would not hesitate to move there now.

  2. My grandmother always said (like Darryl above), when one door closes another one opens. Hope that's so in your case.