Saturday, 21 February 2015

Have You Been Here Before?

Featuring today an article that is both interesting and well worth a read:

I personally believe in reincarnation but, like all belief systems, that is all that it is, a belief. We can never know (can never remember) for sure while living here, and should view with distrust anyone who tries to tell us otherwise or who claims to know they have been someone of importance or prominence in a previous life. That particular fantasy is merely a natural human tendency to gain a degree of ascendancy over others.

I haven't quite yet been able to mesh this belief with my other pet belief in the ancient records of a race of alien gods who genetically created us in their own image, based on existing bipedal planetary stock, as a servant or 'worker' race, a servitude that we have never really shaken off even though it has become quite apparent now that there are no longer any 'gods' around to lord it over us. But I don't hold that meshing of ideas, or lack of, as being of particular importance at this stage.

I don't believe in young souls and old souls as is mentioned and believed by some. I do believe that all souls are on their own personal trajectory of development, not necessarily and perhaps nothing to do with growth or betterment or advancement, which seems to be the goal or ideal of many. That smacks of competition and of gaining position or grade through virtue and effort. Such ideas have no place at all in my view of things, which tends to be more along the lines that we are all flowing through an eternal process, picking up things, traits, ideas here and there, to no apparent purpose as far as I can see, but to participate in and enjoy the journey, through whatever our lot is at any given point along the course or cycle or whatever it is.

If reincarnation means anything, then it means that we are all part of a spiritual oneness (spiritual because that is essentially what we are, not the solid or flabby creature that faces us in the mirror every day, and oneness because we are not capable of self-existence outside of everything else) and therefore were either brought into being at the same time or more likely we all have always existed and always will exist. Not as the person that we are now, or with the relationships with others that we hold so dear (or not) in this life. I don't consider the people we are now nor the people that we know now will be at all recognisable to us or have any special meaning to us in any other life. That would make a mockery of the whole point of reincarnation. But there is a special something, some inextinguishable part of us that carries on to other times and places in and in-between physical lifetimes.

Some people believe that we spend most of our experience in a physical body on a sort of cyclic wheel of life until we are fit to get off that cycle. I don't see it that way. I also do not necessarily agree with the Rosicrucian cyclic idea that claims that we spend a period of something like a thousand years between physical existences, absorbing the lessons of the previous and preparing for the next by setting goals and choosing parents. Neither of those regimented schemes satisfactorily explain the path or purpose of existence for me personally. But I would like to know just what does go on 'in-between' and how many lifetimes each of us may have experienced.

I read somewhere that someone has calculated that in all of human history there have been something like 150 billion separate human lives. I have no way of knowing how accurate that figure may be, but if we take it as a starting point for calculation, how many of those lives were mine, or yours?

There are some 7+ billion of us alive right now. In another 40 years or so there could be 14 billion simultaneously living humans, god help us if it ever comes to that. So, 7 billion now plus however many there are in the state of in-between, and let us suggest that there could never be more than 14 billion simultaneous lives ever, as a point of conjecture. So, on average, dividing 14 into 150, it seems that we may (with the parameters as stated) each have experienced a maximum of 11 different physical lifetimes, so far, over the span of human history.

Talking about the span of human history, if we tentatively take that to be a period of from a high of 2 million years to a low of 250,000 years as claimed by the Anunaki theorists of the alien god creators and meshing in well with the archeological history of homo sapiens, there has been an average mean time between lifetimes of somewhere between 182,000 down to 23,000 years. Neither of those period limits fit in well with either of the main cyclic theories of existence but, as I implied earlier, ancient knowledge carries no more validity than insights we may gain from what has been revealed through discovery in modern times up to today, and no-one knows anything about these things for sure.

It could be said though that as the human population grew from something in the order of 1 billion people to 7 billion over only the last two hundred years or so, that as more bodies became available, more of us could have reincarnated at any point in recent time, with the effect that the majority of those 11 personal lifetimes (as calculated) could have been enacted over the last two hundred years. They would have to have been mostly short lifetimes for that to be true, but when you consider the many millions of ourselves we have collectively killed through warfare and other means over that most recent period, a great many lives have indeed been on the short side.

 Oh, I think I may have accidentally discovered a thought linking between the reincarnation theory and the alien god theory in the previous two paragraphs.  What if our reincarnations only started since the time of homo sapiens 250,000 years ago, which links in with the mythic history of the alien gods getting fed up with doing all of the work themselves and deciding to make a 'worker' race, which turned out to be homo sapiens, us?  That is a positive link if it should turn out to be true.

There's something to think about.  But remember, it is only conjecture.  Don't be taken in by what seems to be bullshit to you.  But if this all seems too hard to think about, maybe you have spent too much time partying in this and previous lifetimes.  It seems that way of life is one of the possible choices that is open to us, until we are ready to move on but, given that life is precious, wouldn't it be considered a total waste to spend it partying?

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